Throwing a party at your home can be very exciting -- full of your own ideas, done your own way, and serving food and drinks with your own personal flair.  On the other side, throwing a party can seem daunting, full of worry and stress.

     I'm here to show you that throwing a special party can be easy with a little organization and preparedness.  Seeing your results along with your smiling guests makes your hard work so worth it!

     As often as possible, ChowGals will throw a themed party with everything from a menu, decor, party favors and more!  The party may coincide with a holiday or it may just be something fun for a random weekend!

Our party schedule for the Summer:

April - Cinco de Mayo Celebration

May - Champagne and Cupcakes/Beer and Mancakes

August - Lowcountry Boil Part 1 -- Appetizers
               Lowcountry Boil Part 2 -- The Main Event
               Lowcountry Boil Part 3 -- Desserts and Decor

September - Game Day Food @ Home

October - Halloween Party - Part 1
                 Halloween Party - Part 2


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